In Memory of Brian Suter

NEXTminded is a fantastic opportunity for creatives trying to break into the advertising industry or drastically advance their careers in it. But before you get too excited, you should know that NEXTminded isn’t for everybody. It’s for the sort of person who takes pride in every last project, whose motivation is derived from more than the possibility of recognition from an award show judge, and who knows that groundbreaking ideas can live in Super Bowl spots and bathroom stall ads alike. If this sounds like you, then all you’ve got to do is complete the NEXTminded challenge and email your submission to nextminded@ad2denver.com to be considered.

Write us an essay. Make us a video. Draw us a comic strip. Or do something else entirely. However you want to communicate your idea is fine by us. Just find the best way to tell us how you would solve the following business problem.

Client: Depend Adult Diapers
Target Audience: Adults aged 70+
Business Situation: The boomer generation is aging. And that means more people than ever are in need of Depend. The problem is, wearing adult diapers makes people feel insecure.
Objective: Develop big ideas that help the target audience feel secure in wearing adult diapers, and convince them that Depend is the right brand for them.
We’re not looking for super comps. We don’t expect you to have the idea completely hashed out. But we do want to see what kind of ideas you’ve got floating around that skull of yours.

et’s foster each other’s growth. Let’s maintain a community worth living in. Let’s give a few more great, young creatives a few more chances.

NEXTminded is run through Ad2 Denver.

You can donate with PayPal by clicking the green button below

e are always in need of people willing to donate their time and talents to supporting the creative community. Whether you’re a coffee roaster willing to donate half a pound of burnt beans and a couple of tattered burlap sacks or a creative director willing to donate a lunch hour and some solid advice, we need and appreciate your help. Tell us a little bit about who you are and how you’re willing help, and we’ll most certainly be in touch.

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EXTminded is an organization created in remembrance of one great creative to fuel the development of his likeminded. It’s designed to encourage the next generation of passionate art directors, copywriters and designers to push their skills, and themselves, further.

NEXTminded was founded because the loss of one incredible art director reminded us that those who never pack up at five, who never allow tight timelines and tiny budgets to become excuses, and who never accept good enough as good enough are the ones who drive our industry, and our world, forward. And those are the people we can always use a few more of.

Recipients of the NEXTminded scholarship will receive tuition for the NEXT program, Ad2 Denver Membership and lunch with a prominent local creative director. The scholarship fund is run through Ad2 Denver.

But at the end of the day, NEXTminded isn’t just a scholarship. It’s a commitment to encourage, foster and support Colorado’s creative community.

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